NOVA Engineering offers extensive experience in designing streets, sewer, water, and storm drain facilities as well as preparing legal maps, grading designs, estimating, preparing specifications, and providing property, construction, and topographic surveying services. A vast majority of our projects are located within San Diego County and we understand and are knowledgeable regarding local codes and industry practices.

Our QA/QC process will verify that deliverables are in compliance with all applicable codes and industry standards and that they are complete and correct. All documents will be thoroughly reviewed alongside NOVA Engineering’s QA/QC Checklist on each submittal, final, or incremental. This process will ensure few to no change orders as a result of errors and omissions.


Our state-of-the-art GPS and robotic survey equipment and staff expertise combine for accurate and efficient survey data collections even in the most remote or inaccessible locations. Our staff of licensed land surveyors assists clients with visualizing change, understanding obstacles, and managing conditions for the success of your projects. 

All survey crews carry two-way radios and cell phones, and all survey trucks include safety equipment.


NOVA Engineering provides comprehensive quality stormwater construction management SWPPP design, field monitoring, and sampling analysis services. Our team of certified QSD’s and QSP’s have more than 30 years of combined experience operating in the stormwater management arena.

NOVA’s stormwater team specializes in a full range of environmental compliance, from SWPPP development to stormwater audits and stormwater management services. We have built stormwater monitoring programs and conduct construction site storm water inspections throughout southern California.

Our Stormwater Division provides clients a unique blend of SWPPP design and field monitoring expertise. We have the tools and personnel in place to provide you with a solid stormwater program that will give your project the ability to stay in compliance and while staying on schedule.


High Resolution Reality Capture 

UAV scanning and surveying provides you with data needed to drive project decision faster. SiteSpy provides an all-in-one platform organizing multiple UAV assets and turning data and imagery into insight. 

  • View projects in a grid, list, or map view.
  • Store ortho, point cloud, and drawing databases.

Orthomasic Imaging – Many Views, One Complete Picture

Data is only as good as your ability to analyze it. SiteSpy uses UAV data to turn thousands of images into a single view to create: 

  • 3D Point Clouds
  • Photorealistic 3D Meshes
  • Exportable 2D Orthomosaics

See Progress from Every Angle 

Utilizing SiteSpy technology gives your project unique advantages. One of these advantages is getting a true 360-degree view of your project. With multiple moving parts and many people working in conjunction on any given site, project managers need to be able to see the forest through the trees to ensure everything is on schedule. With NOVA’s expertise in UAV scanning, you’ll always have the big picture.

Right Information, Right Place, Right on Time

In today’s technology backed world, information is more powerful than ever. SiteSpy puts all your information, inspection reports, testing results, and more in a single location, accessible from anywhere.


Trimble TX8

TX8 leverages Trimble’s patented technology combining microsecond time-of-flight distance measurement with advanced on-board signal and 3D data processing. Integration with Trimble RealWorks allows geospatial professionals to produce high-quality deliverables to pair with CAD software or Trimble SketchUp and EdgeWise for advanced point cloud modeling solutions.


  • Urban Environments: streets, buildings, utilities
  • Civil Infrastructure: roads/highways, bridges, dams, tunnels
  • Building Construction/Renovation
  • Industrial Environments: plants, off-shore platforms, ships, factories
  • Public Safety